Marketing your company to hundreds of local businesses

Exodus Barter markets your company to hundreds of local businesses and thousands nationally – potential customers, over and above your daily cash-paying customers.

Exodus Increases Sales

Your company will make incremental sales because of the demand of the buyers looking for barter opportunities from within the trade network. Businesses trade to purchase what they need or want, and pay for them with the additional sales of their own product or service.

Improving Cash Flow

There are two main ways to increase cash flow – more sales and reduced costs. Barter does both! Barter allows you to pay for what you need with what you have – allowing you to preserve working capital for other needs.

When you use barter instead of cash to purchase needed products and services – you reduce your cash costs by paying for them with revenue generated by new barter sales

Moving Excess Inventory

Every business owner struggles with the dilemma of what to do with extra inventory or idle production time. When you join Exodus Barter, barter provides a tool to put that excess to use in profitable ways. We accomplish this by matching your product or service with businesses looking to purchase them on trade. It’s a win-win situation.

Providing a Competitive Edge

Exodus Barter participants patronize your establishment over the competition, because your Exodus Barter affiliation is an incentive to do business with you. Barter attracts new customers to your business, without affecting the existing cash sales already being generated by your company.

New Cash Sales

That’s not a misprint – yes, we said cash sales. If you perform a good job for a EB client, they’ll refer their cash-paying friends, clients, family and associates to you. Growing your business will always be tied directly to referrals from your happy customers. EB constantly strives to help improve your bottom line overall. If you become more successful, we become more successful.